What is NLDMS?

Neuro Linguistic Dance and Movement Strategy

In today’s world people are becoming more and more aware of their own level of performance and development. We are all seeking to know more about ourselves and to be the best we can.

Neuro Linguistic Dance & Movement Strategy or NLDMS, founded and created by Jeff Withers and Maree Malouf, is a very unique “marriage” between the world of dance and the world we all live in day by day. It is proving to be of immense value to people in all walks of life, not just “dancers”. Combining the worlds of neuro linguistic programming, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, the i-Ching and dance, the potential to create real and lasting change for people is amazing.

At Dynamic re-Engagement Australasia, we believe individuals can enjoy a full and productive life right through to old age.

NLDMS works towards acknowledging and supporting individuals in our community by guiding them on a journey of discovery and growth that will see them achieve their identified outcomes in life.

Participants of NLDMS programs experience a series of strategies and processes that teaches them the skills to grow as a person, be it at work, play or in private life … and all while actually learning the basics of dancing and moving.