Trusted Sales

Do you recognise one of the following scenarios in your business:

  • You run your own business you have to sell to survive yet have possibly had no training or coaching in sales.
  • You are a professional sales person with outdated training that pushes you to talking to people and treating them in a way that is not congruent with you.
  • You are a professional sales person who is reluctant to make the sale and lead your client to making the right buying decisions.
  • You are a professional sales person in a sales team but you are not playing to your strengths in the role you currently have within the sales team.

“Selling” is not what it used to be. Nowadays, people are only too aware of the typical “sales pitch”, and very wary of the traditional approach, where the customer has to be “convinced” that the product is wanted, if indeed even needed.

People in the current market want more than a sales pitch. They want to feel connected to the person selling to them. They want to feel the salesperson can be trusted, and is genuinely interested in the needs of customers / clients, and not in their own.

Bottom line … all of us are different in personality, how we behave, and what is important for us in life. Traditionally, sales processes have not applied this concept very well. But, knowing this, and applying it to your clients, has the potential to be a “game changer”.

Because everyone falls under a generic banner of a number of specific personality types, all of us will react and respond differently to differing approaches. It is not just about how to communicate with different people, but more so how to connect and engage with them such that they feel they are being attended to effectively and genuinely.

Now, before you conclude that all you need to do is attend a basic communication skills course and all will be great, think again. Before you can “plug in” to how others think and behave, and how they react to various scenarios, you need to first know your own way of thinking and acting. Once you know “you”, there is a greater chance you can connect with “them”. You will be adept at understanding and controlling how you interact with others, and consequently how to deliver what they need, not what you want to sell.

In applying the Trusted Sales Dynamics principles, there is an acronym that can be useful. It is based on the understanding that the sales person is willing and capable of leading their client through a process of looking, thinking, weighing up options, and making a decision.

As such, this can be explained as the five steps to “selling” in a trusted and genuine manner. This process is customer focused rather than product focused, and has the ability to open up conversations and ways of thinking that assists the customer / client make informed and supported decisions about the decision to purchase or not, or even to consider what other options might serve them better.

R apport … your body language, the words you use, the tempo of your speech, your stories

A uthority … the trust the client has in you, based on their perceived understanding of your expert standing in the product/service on offer

D irection … how well and how much the customer is prepared to follow direction, which of course reflects the level of engagement they experience

I nformation … assessing the level of value created through building rapport and assessing their real needs allows the salesperson to provide information that can validate the customer’s decision to proceed

O wnership … enabling the client to see the purchase as a solution to their problem creates in them the value in proceeding because of the authentic and genuine value to them personally.

At Dynamic re-Engagement, we believe that everyone in business has the potential to play a great role in the sales process of their organisation as long as they play to their strengths, add value to the sale cycle where they deliver the most value and don’t try to be something that they are not.

Trusted Sales Dynamics is not just for individuals. The Talent Dynamics for Sales Pathway has resources for one person, for a team, as a division and as a company. But the starting point is here, with you.

 We believe that if you are true to your personality you will have better sales results, as you will feel more comfortable and confident. You will be far more likely to get better and longer lasting sales relationships.

We believe that selling can and should be a service that is trusted and respected.

Through engaging with our Trusted Sales Dynamics programs you will learn:

  • what your sales strengths and talents are
  • the value you can best give your clients within the sales cycle
  • the value you specifically bring to the sale team
  • which aspects of sales and which roles within the sales team are challenging for you
  • how to work with others in those sales roles you are not comfortable with
  • how to identify different profiles and how you can build empathy best with them
  • how to understand their motivation for buying
  • to appreciate being you a much more effective sales person.

When you create the right environment, provide the right advice and support, and lead your customer / client down a pathway built on trust, both sides of the transaction will gain value.

The opportunity for ongoing connection is made, and this is definitely a win-win situation, and a solid basis for future success as a Trusted Sales Dynamics Person, whether you are out there on your own, or whether you are part of a team.