Our Trusted Sales Programs

For Business Owners

Discovering your Inner Superhero

You are a sales person and would love to sell in a more trustworthy way that suits your personality better and gets better results but don’t know how as it has been trained out of you. We’ll discover the real you and how you can empower people to buy your products and services but still stay true to yourself.

You are a sales person but want an extra edge over and above your competition. Wouldn’t it be great to have a deeper understanding of your sales talents and strengths so you could use those to best effect so you don’t waste time, effort and resources on sales methods that don’t work for you?

Being a better version of your sales person self is something the competition cannot replicate.

And wouldn’t it be great to have a deeper understanding of what motivates your clients so you could accelerate the building of rapport and really answer your client’s needs?

Follow the steps below to find your inner Champion, help you find the parts of the sales role that come naturally to you and build on them:

  • take the Talent Dynamics for Sales assessment and get a personalised report on your strengths as a sales person, the value you bring to your sales team and your clients as well as your best role in the sale process.
  • have a personal consultation with one of our Trusted Talent Dynamics Consultants during which we will give you insights on how to best build trust and rapport with different types of clients and identify at least 2 ways you can improve your lead generation, sales technique or retention of clients in a trusted way.

Predictable Income and Profits Program (PIPP)

By having a deep understanding of our clients’ personality, talents and strengths, and by helping them to apply those to the appropriate business model and strategies that work will lead to more dependable income and profits.

Participating in PIPP will allow you to build the tools to help you attract prospects consistently, gain more high value clients and have predictable income and profits realised in an ethical way. And, this will lead you, as a hard working business person, gaining the freedom and confidence to design the lifestyle you want from your business.

This 12-week program, based on your own personality profile, addresses six key elements that impact on the ability of a business to create and maintain ongoing sales success:

  1. Money gremlins and miracle mornings
    Start by clearing your mind of self- doubt and focus on goals that work for you. We’ll clear out the old bad habits and negative mindsets around money and start installing habits for success.  We will set meaningful targets and goals which fit with your values, your personality, the direction and audience of your business. We will also look at the issues that are currently self-sabotaging your attempts to earn income you deserve and get beyond your threshold level.
  2. From Coffee to Conversions
    If you are not sales confident, all the marketing in the world will not help you when it comes to converting clients.  Once you have that, then your marketing will start producing better results.  We go through the easy 7 steps of a sales process that will feel natural and flowing to both you and your prospect. I introduce it early on in the program so you have a chance to practice and perfect it during the program and start getting your return on investment from the start, not wait till the end.
  3. Balancing time and energy secrets to a healthy, stress free and productive lifestyle
    We look at your daily, weekly and monthly rhythm so that you get in the right flow for you, rather than trying to adopt a regime recommended by others. This will give you a rhythm of work to up your productivity and focus. You will have permission to be you but at the same time learn to be more productive than ever before whilst having more fun than ever before. We will also pinpoint exactly what makes you unique and build that to attract the kind of consistent income you deserve.
  4. Get your value and your prices right: Your 5 key offers
    We look at how your website, your profile, your lead magnet, your email campaigns, your value proposition, your lead magnet, your different products and services all sit together congruently, fluently in harmony and doing the hard work for you so the leads, the prospects, the conversions and the sales come to you consistently
  5. Streamline your marketing for consistent results and a client waiting list
    You know you need to do marketing, social media, online and offline networking, public speaking, write an authority book, email newsletters etc. but do you know which of those will work for you and your personality profile? They say that 50% of marketing is a waste of time but you don’t know which activities are in that 50%. Well this module based on my research over 3 years and 300 business people will show you which marketing activities are most suited to your personality and therefore much more likely to get you results than the others.
  6. Your Tailor- made Predictable Income and Profits Machine for your next 90 days
    In the final module we put it all together in a 90-day plan for you to implement your predictable income and profits following this program that aligns you, your personality, your clients and your values. This will be a plan that you can tweak, rinse and repeat every 90 days.

What is included in this program:

  • 6 Master Classes of 90 minutes each on the 6 key areas of Predictable Income and Profits. This is content you can keep and refer to time and time again. You also receive workbooks to tailor the material to your own needs.
  • 6 Mastermind meet-ups online. Every fortnight a 90-minute dial-in discussion to learn more about the content, learn from each other, resolve issues and blockages on the spot, get inspiration from each other and have fun!
  • Friday accountability email– checklist of what you have achieved, a weekly review so nothing gets missed or lag behind, reduces overwhelm and I can spot problems.
  • Wealth Spectrum Assessment at the start and at the end of the program to monitor your progress. We map out a personalised plan for you based on your Personality Profile AND your stage of the Wealth Spectrum. For more information on the Wealth Spectrum
  • Closed Facebook group–  Each topic is posted up as a reminder and a motivator with a place to post concerns, questions and successes. It is your daily conversation with your coaching group, sometimes many times a day if you need it. You are never alone on this program.

Participants in the program receive:

  1. Talent Dynamics / Wealth Dynamics Profile + Report
  2. Trusted Sales Dynamics Profile + Report
  3. Wealth Spectrum Assessment
  4. 6 X 90-minute Master Class Calls (webinar)– one per week on each of the 6 above topics
  5. Content + Resources to Accompany each Master Class
  6. 6 X 90-minute Master-Mind Meetups (online)
  7. Weekly Accountability Email
  8. Membership in closed FB TSD Group

Course delivery is online and in your time to accommodate your working requirements.

For Sales / Service Professionals and Teams

Staff Treasure Hunt

As a manager you are perplexed as to why your team is not functioning as well as it should do on paper.

  • You can’t bring out the potential you know your team members have.
  • There is a discord between the team members that you cannot resolve.
  • Some team members are consistently under-performing and not hitting their targets and you can’t put your finger on why
  • There is a lack of motivation and initiative in the team.

In a two-hour session we will work with your team and assess the causes of all the above and more. This is done through understanding their profiles, their talents, their preferred methods of communicating, how they interact with others in the team.

As a result, we will find the untapped potential in your team, quick and easy ways to get your team members performing at their best and revealing the treasure you had in your team all along.

At Trusted Sales Dynamics we have helped businesses and larger companies with their team of staff problems.

Through using our diagnostic tool to identify the personalities, their strengths and their talents, we can map your team to discover where and why potential conflicts arise, why some personalities are more productive in the team than others and work with you to fill any gaps, enhance any outstanding talents and explain away conflict and disharmony giving the team a greater understanding and appreciation of each other.

What to expect:

  • Up to one day before the session, your team members will complete an online assessment to determine their true personality, where their real strengths and talents lie, who they work best with, which tasks they bring most value to and what makes them truly motivated.  It will take 15 minutes of their time prior to the meeting when they each do a short online personality assessment.
  • On the day we will conduct a 2-hour meeting with your team (we can do this early morning, during your lunch break or whatever times suits you and your business). During this meeting the team will understand their own profile as well as those of their team members.
  • Afterwards we have a meeting with you to look at potential solutions for the team dynamics issues this process has clarified.

Part 1:  Everyone (including you and for up to 10 people) does a 15-minute online assessment at least one day before the program

Part 2:  The 2-hour program for the whole team (including you) where we discover the true potential of your team (we can arrange to do this early morning, over lunch break or after work if that facilitates the whole team being present)

Part 3:  A 40-minute session with you to look at the results – treasure, gaps, what to do to improve the team situation

Trusted Sales Dynamics Team Performance Day

Is sales team underperforming? Are they short of their targets this quarter? Are there problems in the team you are not sure how to resolve?

Our Sales Team Days can turn this around in just a few days.

Before the day

  • Discuss with the Sales Director the key issues
  • Give Sales Profile Assessments to all members of the team (just 15 minutes online)

On the day

  • Interactive training programme identifying the key talents of each member of the sales team so they appreciate their own value
  • Identifying and appreciating the value each member of the sales team brings to the sales cycle
  • Understanding the 4 buyer drivers and how to speed up the sales process for each of them
  • What NOT to do with each profile as it kills trust, the relationship and the business deal
  • How to map your sales process on the Trusted Sales Cycle

For Sales Coaches and Trainers

Trusted Sales Dynamics Upgrade, Training and Accreditation

For existing Talent / Wealth Dynamics Flow Consultants only.

Imagine having an insight into your buyer’s mentality, knowing what was the most important issue to appeal to them, and knowing how best to communicate with them to speed up rapport. Wouldn’t that be valuable?

Then picture yourself as fully aware and confident of your own Sales talents. You know where you best give value, which parts of the sales cycle you excel at. Wouldn’t that save you a lot of time, energy and ultimately money?

Trusted Sales Dynamics is a new concept for Coaches and Consultants. We are looking for Coaches and Trainers who want to add this to their offering.

Specifically, you will receive training in:

  • Talent Dynamics “revision”
  • Access to the full set of Trusted Sales Dynamics Profile reports
  • Training in the debrief process from a selling perspective.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to join the team of Trusted Sales Dynamics Consultants and have your profile on our closed Facebook page, share on a monthly webinar and may be called on to deliver coaching for our clients.

Talent Dynamics / Trusted Sales Dynamics Flow Consultant Dual Training and Accreditation

If the above sounds exciting to you, but you are not already accredited as a Talent or Wealth Dynamics Consultant, then you have the opportunity of gaining accreditation in both.

Following the Trusted Sales Dynamics Pathway is a solid opportunity for you to take your existing skills and focus, and add enormous value to both your own services and to the service you deliver to your clients.

As part of this program, you will receive training in:

  • Full Talent Dynamics Accreditation
  • Profiling tools for sales people
  • The principles of Trusted Selling
  • Coaching clients to sell more effectively and authentically

In addition, you will have the opportunity to join the team of Trusted Sales Dynamics Consultants and have your profile on our closed Facebook page, share on a monthly webinar and may be called on to deliver coaching for our clients.