Trust and Flow


Trust is a measurement of how much value you bring to the table in your business and career. If a consumer has trust in your company and the product or service that you deliver, then you will continue to have a secure place in the market over time. This easily translates to increases in your revenue – as the higher the trust is, the more sales are made.

Similarly, if you add value to your role within a team or to the enterprise you work for, then your individual position remains safe into the future. It is only when you stop adding value and others begin to feel that they cannot trust you to deliver or that you aren’t delivering, that your place in the enterprise diminishes or even dissolves completely.

Talent Dynamics is on a mission to show YOU where your value lies, how you can tap into it, and how you can communicate and share it with others.

Flow is the natural effortless unfolding of our lives in a way that moves us towards wholeness and harmony. When you are in flow, occurrences line up, events fall into place, you feel more fulfilled in the organization you work for, and obstacles melt away and happiness reigns supreme in life.

Being in flow is a mental state where a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus and full involvement while doing certain activities. It is also where you experience a sense of focused motivation where all your emotions are contained and channelled but positively energised and aligned with the task at hand.

If you are feeling depressed, overwhelmed or anxious, this indicates that you are not in flow. It’s almost impossible to be stressed when you are in flow. Flow brings you to life. You may have a huge work load but you won’t feel the burden. Do you remember a time or a project where you felt this? Then the chances are that this was when you were in flow. It feels good, doesn’t it?


“Talent Dynamics works because it delivers results in performance and profitability while aligning your team to the spirit and purpose at the heart of your enterprise.”

As we have mentioned, the strong underlying premise behind Talent Dynamics is ‘Flow’. Put simply, flow is the path of least resistance. The greater your flow, the greater your fulfillment is. It takes focus to learn the basis of creating flow, and practice makes it second nature. Once you know how to stay in flow, you can enjoy life with ease and grace.

The experience that your staff, your customers, and your stakeholders have, of and within your enterprise – and their collective efforts to grow the success of your enterprise – is determined by this one guiding principle. This principle determines the overall health of your enterprise, and the personal effectiveness and fulfillment of each staff member, as well the collective retention of both your staff and your customers over longer periods of time.

It is the same principle that enables competing species in an ecosystem to co-exist for the sustainable benefit of their ecosystem. This is also the same natural principle that ensures the cells in a human physical body ensure the sustainability of the whole.

Fortune follows Flow. Living your FLOW is living a life of good fortune. Flow is a life-long process that is rich with rewards all along the way.

Talent Dynamics allows every enterprise to collaborate at a bigger level and give a powerful vision and WHY to every individual in the team. Every team player understands

“It’s not about being right; it’s about getting it right.”


If you increase the time you spend in flow from 10% to 50%, your life will change for the better, in ways you can’t even conceive of, as you read this now.

Imagine waking up on purpose every day feeling an inner thrill to be going to work or doing business.

Imagine knowing that, throughout your day, you will be making a difference and helping others to get and stay in their flow too – where time passes with ease and your happiness and job satisfaction is so great that no amount of money could take you to a position where you are out of flow again.

This is not a pipe-dream. It’s real – and it works.

We have experienced it for ourselves and now have seen countless clients go through our training and emerge in flow at the end – with a greater sense of fulfillment over all areas of their lives.