Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

Ian Hawkins (Inspired Dads Australia)

Great read Jeff! Love the simplification of the energies. Will definitely share this on my page

TeeJay Dowe (Back on Track Teens + Talent Dynamics for Young People UK)

I am SO excited that you guys are finally getting your message to the world!!

TeeJay Dowe (Back on Track Teens + Talent Dynamics for Young People UK)

Congratulations!!! Yayy!! The world is finally getting to experience your greatness 🙂

Nicci Bonfanti (Trusted Sales Dynamics UK)

Love the way you make the energies easy to understand for parents and kids, Jeff. I’ve shared this on a couple of UK parenting FB groups. What’s the best way for people to get in touch with you if they want to know more? 


Natasha Barrett, Brisbane Australia …

“After a couple of sessions with Jeff I can stand in front of the mirror and like who is staring back at me. My words are positive and I find in every aspect of my life it is easier; I have the old me back. If you want to find a new direction in life, or a new life, or you just want your old self back, then I am certainly recommending Jeff as your facilitator.” 

Vicki Sparks, Brisbane Australia …

“Jeff brings to the table many years of experience and a vast knowledge on a number of areas of personal development. I have no hesitation in referring Jeff to anyone looking to improve their lives and get more from it. His information and coaching style is of a very high standard.” 

Ilona Kianst, Goondiwindi …

“Having someone work with us one-to-one was great and we found Jeff very helpful, very easy to work with, and easy to understand. Those of us who were here certainly learned a lot over that time.” 

Mike Smith Brisbane Australia …

“Jeff [ ] was supportive and encouraging, while still direct and clear. Very particularly, he utilised a wide range of behaviourally based performance tools, strategies and processes. We gained extensive insight into our corporate personality … I’m very happy to recommend Jeff to others in business. He provided us with an excellent review of who we are, how we function, where we need more, and where we need change”. 

Penny Curnow, Mackay Australia …

“Jeff is clearly one of the more effective and engaging facilitators I have had the pleasure of working with in my capacity as a trainer, coach & consultant.” 

Limo Romano, Brisbane Australia …

“I would like to thank [Jeff] for a delivering the [Customer Service] course in a way that involved all the participants. It was fun and it was not boring. I would recommend this course to everyone that wants to improve their customer base.”

Parenting for Life Project 

Sandy B Simmons, Melbourne Australia …

” Thank you – this study is so very essential – the essence of family flow! An extension on my health work for babies and parents!”

Melissa A. Bordogna-Weeks,  Sydney Australia ……

“What an awesome study idea. I’d like to learn more”.

Didi Dimitrova (Performance and Flow Consultant Talent Dynamics UK)

I have been a part of [Jeff’s]Parenting for Life Project as a divorced single mother of two teenage girls, aged 16 and 13. Also it turned out that my older daughter was a Creator, my little daughter was a Supporter and myself as an Accumulator I was feeling that most of the time the four different energies were at the battlefield. Thanks to Jeff the situation at home started considerably improving.