Talent Dynamics for Young People

All too often we talk to people who know about, or are passionate about, self-development, in their private pursuits as well as work or in business. However, many don’t see the relevance, importance or even existence of the same need in our young people. They have dreams and ambitions too, but they don’t always have the maturity to know what to ask, or do, in order to achieve what they seek.

In response to this, Talent Dynamics for Young People is an “adapted” profile and associated programs, specifically refined to meet the needs of our young people.


This profile, and its associated programs, offers everything that can be gained from an association with Talent Dynamics, and even Wealth Dynamics. However, as it is designed to specifically address young people and their issues and dreams, it will appeal to:

  • Students (secondary and tertiary)
  • educational bodies
  • parents
  • special needs groups
  • sporting bodies and coaches
  • individual people aged from 13 to 19 who are seeking clarification and direction in their lives.