For Sales Coaches and Trainers

Imagine having an insight into your buyer’s mentality, knowing what was the most important issue to appeal to them, and knowing how best to communicate with them to speed up rapport. Wouldn’t that be valuable?

Then picture yourself as fully aware and confident of your own Sales talents. You know where you best give value, which parts of the sales cycle you excel at. Wouldn’t that save you a lot of time, energy and ultimately money?

We are on the lookout for existing Talent Dynamic Flow Consultants or coaches and trainers considering moving to the next level in their sales career.

If you are a Flow Consultant in either Talent Dynamics or Wealth Dynamics, adding Trusted Sales Dynamics Accreditation to your resources for clients has the potential to add even more value to those you currently serve, and can dramatically increase your appeal across a wider spectrum of clients.

Note: this Conversion / Upgrading Training is only for existing coaches and trainers (in sales or otherwise) that wish to grow their skill base.

However, if you are looking for a new or added direction in your sales career, considering becoming a Talent Dynamics Consultant and a Trusted sales Dynamics Consultant may be a solid option for you to consider.

Apart from gaining a deep understanding of Talent Dynamics and its power to boost team performance in any organisation, you also gain a deeper understanding of selling in a trusted and authentic way, with the scope to work with others in teams seeking to grow as sales and service professionals.

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