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For Young People

Products focused on the needs of teenagers specifically. Designed to assist teenagers deal with their unique challenges in life, from seeking their identity to school life, living with parents and siblings, to achieving success in chosen endeavours.

Targeted on years 13 to 19, and designed  to address teenage and young persons’ interests and needs, from their perspective, and with their future growth and success as the focal point.

  • §  Letting Go … Letting In


  • §  Spiral into Control Part One … building your personal identity
  • §  Spiral into Control Part Two … knowing is Growing … when you know more you can do more
  • §  Personal Social Responsibility in the Classroom
  • §  Genius Test for Teenagers

Family Dynamics

focuses on parents with children. Its aim is to help parents be the best model for their children, and a source of engagement for all family members through creating a supportive environment conducive to discovery learning, and growth and as a unit.



  • §  Parenting for Life
  • §  A Living Environment … understanding and Utilising your Family’s Natural Talents


  • §  Spiral into Control Part One … parenting for life
  • §  Spiral into Control Part Two … utilising the talent inside you as a parent
  • §  Bringing your Family Environment to Life
  • §  Building Little Geniuses
  • §  Personal Social Responsibility within Family Life
  • §  Genius Test for Young Children

 Love Dynamics

focuses on “love” in all its forms. It seeks to define love and establish models and programs to assist people of all ages understand how/why they feel as they do towards other people, places, objects, activities etc. There is no attempt made to “romanticize” love. Instead focus is placed on understanding and application. Focus is also placed on couples within relationships at all stages to assist people understand more about their relationship, how it works, and why it works. It is about learning and growing as a couple rather than as a means of “fixing” problems, although it can also assist there. Its aim is to encourage open and positive relationships for couples seeking to move forward together. To assist this, models of development are utilised in conjunction with an “alternate” approach to relationships.



  • §  Being a couple … live & love your relationship, your way
  • §  To Flow or not to Flow
  • §  Realise your Potential


  • §  Spiral into Control … building an engaged relationship
  • §  Spiral into Control Part Two … understanding the Dynamics of a Relationship in Flow
  • §  Personal Social Responsibility for Couples
  • §  Genius Test for Couples

 Relationship Dynamics

focuses on relationships between people in all walks of life. However, particular attention is placed on relationships between team members in the corporate and small business world, looking at productivity through team awareness, understanding and harmony. In addition, the relationship between team leaders and team members is a key area. Further, the concept of client engagement is seen as a fundamental element in relationships in such an environment. There is also scope for relationships in other organisational structures, sporting and community groups



  • §  The Flow of Dance … a collection of articles on dance performance from the mind via NLDMS
  • §  Empowered Personal Communication through Dynamic Engagement


  • §  Dynamic Client Engagement
  • §  Employing Dynamic Leadership in the Workplace
  • §  Personal Social Responsibility within Organisations
  • §  Living with your Business … integrating your business world with your personal life to create sustained success