Talent Dynamics for Relationships has grown out of a need to extend the current Talent Dynamics family of programs and resources into the less addressed area of personal relationships.

For those familiar with Talent Dynamics (link to TD page) and Wealth Dynamics (link to WD page) you will appreciate that the concept of a “relatingship” has always focused around team development and harmony. While we totally endorse and utilise Talent Dynamics in its entirety in our work with corporate and small business entities, we have come to realise a need to take this further, into the homes and personal lives of people in all walks of life.

How we “deal” with others in our lives, whether at home, as a couple, as parents, as teenagers and younger children, and even as fellow employees, does not exist entirely within a vacuum – “work”.

As a result, Dynamic re-Engagement has identified five key areas that have a foundation of human connection, though all with a different focus. Talent Dynamics for Relationships recognises that there is not a “one size fits all” philosophy that can be allied to such overlapping yet diverse environments. As such, we have built on the concepts of Talent Dynamics towards creating new models new resources and more targeted strategies for each of the following areas:

  1. Individuals 
  2. Couples 
  3. Families 
  4. Young People 
  5. Work Teams 

Talent Dynamics for relationships has been built from the foundation of Talent Dynamics  principles, but with new “variations” on its common theme, and coupled with the adoption of neurolinguistics programming, emotional intelligence, mbraining and a host of related specialities with the vision of providing value to people in whatever part of their life is important to them.

It is not about “fixing” broken strategies (whether within a family, a relationship between two people and so on), but about providing pathways for those seeking to grow their satisfaction in their performance in identified areas.