For Young People

It is often said that our younger generations are our future. No doubt. However, for them to become the best future they could be requires effort – from themselves, and those they engage with, be it at home, at school or with friends.

Dynamic re-Engagement understands that the basis of all successful growth is an understanding and acceptance of self. All too often our young people are bombarded by external forces outside their control, forces that can lead our youth down pathways that may not serve them to the best advantage as they mature into responsible adults.

The focus of attention here is attending to the needs of people aged from 6 or 7 up to around 19 / 20 years of age. Children younger than this are catered for within our Family Programs, while those older would gain greater benefit from the range of other programs specific to their needs.

The intention of the programs below is to allow young people access to “themselves”, to see who they really are, and to have the opportunity of becoming who they really can be.

Arming them with knowledge, supporting them through acceptance, and allowing them to grow into their natural selves is the best gift we can bestow upon our future.

Our Programs: