For Couples

One of our main focuses within Talent Dynamics for relationships is that of working with couples as they seek to grow their relationship and enjoy a fulfilling life together.

We acknowledge that there is a lot of material in the marketplace about relationships, and we really appreciate the value they can provide to those in need.

However, our focus is, we believe, a little different to these “traditional” approaches. And, we seek to define couples across a much wider spectrum than the more “common” perception of being a couple. In fact, for us, a couple could mean any of the following:

  • platonic male-male friends
  • adult-teenager
  • teenager-teenager
  • platonic male-female friends
  • siblings
  • work team mates
  • platonic female-female friends
  • cousin-cousin
  • supervisor-employee
  • parent-child
  • aunt-niece/nephew
  • dance couple
  • step parent-child
  • uncle-nephew/niece
  • coach-player
  • grandparent-grandchild
  • teacher-student
  • sports team mates

These are all people who are living in a relationship, but without the sexual component that so many assume to be necessary for a relationship to exist, but with all the intensity (and sometimes more) than what we normally assume as a “relationship”.

At the end of the day, your relationships are yours and no one else’s.

It is your right to share an experience, or a life, with the “right person” rather than struggle with a good person who is just not the “right one”.

So, what would a” traditional relationship” look like for these people? For you?

How they will we connect? How will we stay connected (or not) in our relationships? Will the old and young have connection? What values will they each aspire to possessing? What can we learn from each other? And, what will they teach our children?

The challenge for the modern couple is not to accept what is, or was, but what could be … to explore your relationship’s identity, its potential to be all you ever dreamed of, to achieve success … to know how you did it, and how you could continue to expand and reach new heights.

Our focus is, again, not on “fixing” but on growing relationships that allow their members to experience true and lasting connection.

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