For Business Owners

You’ve got your own business, you are great at what you do but when it comes to selling, you are at a loss.

You may have been good at sales in your previous career but when it comes to selling yourself and your own business services and products you are not making your case clear to your prospects and clients.

We believe that trusted selling which puts understands both your profile as a salesperson and your prospects profile as a buyer gives you greater insight into the sales process and allows you to be more confident in your sales strategy.

Are you a business owner who:

  • has an established business but an inconsistent income
  • is attracting some clients but not consistently and not enough of the right quality
  • is ambitious and believes that the service/products you deliver are highly valuable but not
  • bringing in the income or profits you deserve
  • has lots of ideas but lacks the focus and accountability to see them through
  • has invested in yourself but so far not found solutions that work for you
  • aspires to providing yourself with a balanced life style of high quality but you are swamped with overwhelm.

If this sounds like you don’t worry. You are not alone. In our experience working with business owners there is a certain stage in people’s business life when this almost always happens.

But, there is an alternative … trusted selling that creates a solid buy in from your clients, because they appreciate your interest in them and your desire to put their needs ahead of your own … they value in you, which leads to trust in you, which leads to a win win situation for all parties.

To create trust and ongoing engagement, successful “selling” requires addressing six key elements:

  1. Eliminating money blockages
  2. Converting conversations into sales
  3. Balancing time and energy towards business success
  4. Creating value at the right price
  5. Streamlining your marketing for consistent results
  6. Creating tailor- made and predictable processes and strategies

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