For Enhanced Personal Performance

We believe individuals can enjoy a full and productive life right through to old age. NLDMS works towards acknowledging and supporting individuals in our community by guiding them on a journey of discovery and growth that will see them achieve their identified outcomes in life.

Participants of a NLDMS program experience a series of strategies and processes that teaches them the skills to grow as a person, be it at work, play or in private life … and all while actually learning the basics of dancing and moving.

NLDMS seeks to assist individuals enjoy a full and productive life based on the premise that much of the beliefs, attitudes and motivators for people that can assist them lead a successful life can be learned, and learning through dance, in combination with a host of proven psycho – based and neuro – based strategies, is a novel and unique way that provides learning and growth through involvement and fun. More so, it is the only activity scientifically proven to engage every part of the human existence … body, mind and emotion.

Interesting? We think so. Also interesting … dancing is probably the only sport that occurs all year round and is enjoyed by people from young kids to those right up there in their seventies (and some beyond). And it doesn’t matter how good they are, or what dance style they engage. It is the act of dancing and what it demands from the body and mind … and gives back … that creates the potential for a long and healthy life.

The program specifically targets such key performance areas as:

§  Belief in self §  Motivation §  Communication §  Well-being
§  Belief in others §  Oneness §  Image/presence §  Fitness
§  Confidence §  Self-esteem §  Engagement §  Holistic health
§  Focus §  Awareness §  Positivity  

Our Programs

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