The Eight Trusted Sales Dynamics Profiles

The following eight sales profiles are based on the original Talent Dynamics profiles (Talent Dynamics, Wealth Dynamics) use extensively within businesses and corporate entities.

Creator Sales Profile

Creators are the best initiators. They are great at opening up new sales opportunities and good in fast and highly competitive situations. Put them in charge of new sales initiatives but move them on to the next project once their job is done.

Star Sales Profile

Stars are the best promoters. They are excellent at new business development and presenting from the stage. They will attract new clients and are good at prospecting for new business. Give them the systems and support to enable them to focus on building new business.

Supporter Sales Profile

Supporter sales skills lie in creating rapport and building relationships. They are quick to connect and find it easy to establish good new sales relationships. If they focus on the business and not get distracted with chat they make great sales people.

Deal Maker Sales Profile

Deal Makers are the best at questioning and digging for the right solution to the problem. Don’t expect them to go out cold calling as they thrive on building the relationships they have. Work with Deal Makers to nurture the customer and relationships you have.

Trader Sales Profile

Traders are your best negotiators. They always know what systems and which people will provide the service and support to cement a satisfied and loyal customer relationship. They are great at dealing with client’s problems and ensuring the follow up is completed

Accumulator Sales Profile

Accumulators are reliable, get tasks done on time and not prone to making rash decisions. They are great at sales audits and monitoring customer usage leading to better customer service and up sales.

Lord Sales Profile

Best sales analysts, can deliver excellent sales data upon which to base sales decisions. Good at providing the detail for complex tender and consultative sales. Strongest when focused behind the scenes.

Mechanic Sales Profile

Mechanics are your best completers. They will find ways to improve the sales process from start to finish. They will also come up with new solutions to continue working with the client in the future.