The Dynamics Story

Personality testing and personality training has been used by the corporate world via Myer-Briggs, Strength Finder, Disc profiling and many others in one form or another for over 50 years. These profiling systems deliver reports that most agree with and personally find useful.  However, they are simply the “end product” for most organisations and their people.

Talent and Wealth Dynamics profiling is our first step in the journey of creating difference for individuals within organisations and other environments, such as families, school and more though examining natural behaviours, strengths and so on.

While the majority of profiling tests are based on Carl Jung’s work, only Talent and Wealth Dynamics use the original unaltered source of Jung’s work as its base. This source is the i-ching (pronounced ee–ching)

(link to i-ching page).

Talent Dynamics shows you how to:

  • identify, accept and leverage your strengths
  • create “flow” and “trust”
  • add value to your team or enterprise
  • identify and “explain” the roles you are and are not suited to and those that will increase or destroy trust and flow.

Developed in the UK, Talent Dynamics has rapidly grown into one of the most widely adopted profiling systems being implemented by companies and organisations to build trust and flow in their teams. The reason for the success of this system is that it links both your strengths and weaknesses to your preferences, and then gives you clear role models and strategies to follow. It takes the very best of what other profiling systems have and delivers a system that is intuitive, relevant and easy to explain system, with clear positive outcomes for your productivity and harmony.

Most profiling tools are great for building self-awareness, leadership capability and EQ. However, Talent and Wealth Dynamics is the only profiling system that does all of this… and then goes further in providing resources and strategies that actually turn potentials into actuals.

Put simply, this is unique and very powerful because:

  1. It relates our natural talents to eight intuitive profiles (link to eight profiles page) that are easy to remember and explain to others, each with its own set of role models today that we can relate to.
  2. Talent Dynamics links each profile to a set of strategies that, when followed, lead us to our ‘flow’ state. So rather than seeing each profile as a box to sit in, each is a game to be played and mastered.
  3. A unique facet of Talent Dynamics is the link of the eight profiles to the seasons of time, so we can see not only who should do what but when they should do it. In times of rapid change knowing when our winning formula becomes our losing formula is critical.
  4. The invisible thread that links us to each other and the performance of our company results in a meaningful link between the benefit of nurturing our own personal well-being to benefit the well-being of the company.

Applying Talent and Wealth Dynamics to your life will assist you:

  • trust your energy and go with the flow
  • learn to do what comes naturally and easy to you
  • recognise your talents
  • leave tasks that are best handled by others to the “right people” … for them it is easy, though for them your activities would be hard and challenging
  • suffer less stress and you find it easier to stay relaxed
  • get more energised from work and life rather than letting it wearing you down
  • have more fun
  • enjoy better relationships with family, friends and work colleagues.

How successful would you be if your work and personal environment
 supported your natural flow of energy?