The Dynamic re-Engagement Family

Dynamic re-Engagement Australasia is focused on a clear vision …

“to help people find, understand, engage and build the ‘human connection’ in their lives.” 

It has been developed around the understanding that life is built around relationships, whether that be within families, between two people, at schools or even in the workplace. While so much has been written and discussed about these apparently differing areas, the “sameness” cannot be denied. People form the foundation of life, and it is people that create happiness and success … and despair and frustration. The choice lies with the individual, and when individuals understand this and work together, anything and everything is possible.

To address this fundamental belief, Dynamic re-Engagement has created specific divisions, or “family members” that each focus on one particular area of interest.

Love Dynamics

Focuses on “love” in all its forms. It seeks to define love and establish models and programs to assist people of all ages understand how/why they feel as they do towards other people, places, objects, activities etc. There is no attempt made to “romanticize” love. Instead focus is placed on understanding and application.

Relationship Dynamics

Focuses on relationships between people in all walks of life to assist people understand more about their relationships, how they work, and why they work. It is about learning and growing as a couple rather than as a means of “fixing” problems. Its aim is to encourage open and positive relationships for those seeking to move forward together.

Family Dynamics

Focuses on parents and their children, “about to be” parents, grandparents, and others involved in family life. Its primary aim is to:

  • help them be the best model for their children
  • understand the behaviours of each family member
  • identify and celebrate the natural talents of their children
  • grow their unique skills as parents
  • be a source of engagement and support for all family members
  • create a learning environment conducive to discovery, and growth individually and as a unit

This division also has a focus on the development and nurturing of young children (ie pre-teen) within their family environment, and a clear vision of creating family unity and engagement in all areas of family life.